Peterborough Transit is looking to make some major changes and upgrades to its customer service and information-technology systems and the way the ridership use its services.

It could mean the days of waiting and wondering when the city bus will arrive at your stop could soon be over, as city council on Monday approved spending $1.9 million on a list of upgrades to the transit system to make it a fully digital and automated system, including the implementation of a new GPS app for riders to know when their bus will be picking them up.

“This brings us into the new age of transit and transportation,” said transportation chair and Monaghan Ward Coun. Don Vassiliadis.

There are 13 different items within the intelligent transportation system report. Further upgrades include computerized scheduling systems, traffic control upgrades at intersections to allow late buses ease of movement and security cameras which will help make the services more efficient and secure for riders and operators.


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